Dear Earth NFTs

A climate conscious NFT collection that aims to bring awareness to the Global Warming crisis happening on Earth.

What is this about?

Climate Change Awareness

For most people, climate change is either overwhelmingly challenging to solve or abstract enough to just ignore. This project aims to kindle the Global Warming discussion in the metaverse.


The NFT contract that governs ownership is a standard ERC-721 that works with any compatible service or exchange.

Learning Blockchain

Among other things, I am using this project to learn how to build a Decentralized app (Dapp) using Solidity, Web3.js and React and deploy it on the Ethereum Mainnet.



Each NFT costs 0 ETH to mint. You only pay for the transaction gas fees.


This collection will only have 100 NFTs total.


Building a community that's hyper-focused on raising awareness about climate change.

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